TOMS Shoes wear a pair of shoes to change the world

Consumption, can change the world? TOMS shoe founder Blake Mycoskie will tell you, starting from the empathy of consumerism, make the world better!

Recently, the streets of Taipei, almost a pair of cheap TOMS shoes, the idea mainly from the founder of Mycoskie, in 2006, he traveled to Argentina, surprised to find that many children must walk barefoot miles to find clean water or school, but they are poor to buy Can not afford cheap shoes. Mycoskie did not want to donate hundreds of pairs of cheap shoes, but wanted to build a long-term mechanism to make the project lasting operation, so he founded the TOMS (Tomorrow Shoes, meaning “for tomorrow’s shoes”).

TOMS to Argentina’s traditional shoes Alpargata as a blueprint, upper and shoes with cotton or linen fabric, insoles with durable soft leather, non-slip soles, designed to simple and comfortable, Mycoskie also use environmentally friendly materials, The boxes are made of recycled paper.

Each pair of insoles are printed with two lines of words: “every sold a pair of shoes, we will send a pair of shoes to those in need”, so that wearing these shoes become a good label, but also created a ” (For one) new business model, the current scope of the donation has been extended to the United States, Argentina, Ethiopia, Haiti, South Africa, Luanda, Guatemala and other 40 countries, many brands have begun to imitate TOMS to buy a Donate a pattern.

TOMS rarely spend money advertising, but focus on the story behind the brand: when consumers buy TOMS, in addition to buy a pair of shoes, but also get a bright story about the change of poverty. In the spring of 2013, TOMS outlet uk celebrated the delivery of the 10 million pairs, representing 20 million stories are also shared in the world, spread. This socialized business model not only allows many consumers to share with their families and friends, but also makes TOMS a partner of many companies that are eager to improve their image.