TOMS One Day starts TOMS eleven anniversary, working with you to improve the world!

The ten-year-old “One Day without Shoes” event was designed to make more people understand the cheap TOMS shoes charity-based brand concept and evoke the wish of each earth citizen to build a better tomorrow , Call people to join TOMS, to improve the world together! Based on the “One For One” concept, the six donations – footwear donations, vision recovery, safe delivery, safe drinking water, bullying prevention and response, by TOMS outlet uk to mark the way to wear a variety of ways to show In front of people.

In this year’s TOMS One Day plan, the brand to the young people like the slogan design pin for the media, the six charity theme into the most visual visual language, ingenuity in the cheap TOMS shoes on the other Way, by the flow of people to create a wave after wave of fashion charity call. This trend is also naturally in the major social platform caused a warm response, many TOMS outlet uk iron powder have opened their brains to support TOMS “One For One” concept, to bring punches pin wear a new meaning, to pass together to improve the world Good news.

As we all know, since the TOMS brand since its inception, more than 10 years has been pursuing every pair of new shoes sold for the need for children’s shoes to send a pair of new shoes, “One For One” concept. In this groundbreaking charity business philosophy insisted, TOMS has been the need for children around the world sent 70 million pairs of new shoes, which in China sent new shoes have reached more than 650,000 pairs. It is worth mentioning that the brand selection in the donated area to produce the required footwear. This initiative benefits TOMS in China, Ethiopia, Haiti, India and Kenya’s five major production base, not only for the local to create a job opportunity to continuously improve the local people’s livelihood, but also reduce the brand’s carbon emissions can be described as two birds with one stone.

However, TOMS is not satisfied with this. With the development of the brand, TOMS extended the concept of “One For One” to other needs – the introduction of cheap TOMS glasses in 2011, so far nearly 450,000 people vision for customers to buy and restore vision; 2014 launched TOMS Roasting Co . Coffee brand, the customer every time to buy a product for the brand to provide quality coffee beans in the origin has now received 40 million high safe drinking water; 2015 TOMS launched a bag series, so far more than 70,000 Women are sold safely for their customers’ purchase. The same is true of the number of road shoulder packages launched in 2015, nearly 45,000 (all of which are by the end of 2016). Adolescents are bullying and coping with the purchase of customers Plan help.

I believe that through the Mayday TOMS One Day “good day” plan of the editors, not only makes the brand’s six charitable topics more widely known, but also allow more people will join the ranks of TOMS, to meet their own at the same time also become a love Of a member. At the same time, it is also expected that the success of TOMS outlet uk will make it a role model to inspire others, to promote more enterprises to become a member of the community, really for the establishment of the Earth a better tomorrow and refueling!