TOMS Navy Canvas Men’s casual shoes – love shoes into crazy.

This cheap TOMS shoes just received a simple try, the first feeling is the shoe was deified, comfortable in general, not so evil. But with the formal wear, foot feeling is the most realistic feeling, really is very comfortable. With tod’s Peas shoes contrast a bit, of course, these two are not the same category of shoes, prices, materials are not the same. Photo of the Peas shoes soles are rubber and leather, wearing a day, then the foot will feel tired, I do not have a pair of basic leather bottom only the car to wear, usually simply can not wear, the base is too thin. Wearing shoes to wear a mom, very comfortable, very flexible at the end, thick, feet are not tired. But the upper is some short, if the longer point may be better, simply said that the shoe is not strong package, unbearable (no sense of security, Sagittarius children need a sense of security ah), unlike Peas Shoes with the foot, of course, may also be related to size.

Here the size of the problem, before the online said toms outlet uk shoe size is too small, it is recommended to buy a big one. I usually wear 40, according to the official website size chart should choose m7 yards (Ouma 40), but for the insurance to buy m8 yards (Ou 40.5). The results put on socks, or some stroll, walking fast, behind the heel will fall down, it should be appropriate m7. Next time to catch up with activities re-entry double m7. So I would like to recommend you want to buy this shoe friends, if the foot fat or feel big enough to buy their own feet, if the feet are small and thin, or usually what number on what to buy it?

Say the work under the shoes. Get the shoes after the above impressively wrote Made in China, ran most of the world, and back to China. Shoes work in general, there are two wool head, the upper side of the triangle elastic belt on the back of the suture to get the hand when the broken, I do not know is so designed or work problems. After the two chrysanthemums of the Argentine flag flag sewing asymmetry, left foot crooked. The overall feeling of shoes work in general, in accordance with the transfer fee of nearly 50 knife price point of view, work sorry this price. This shoe if there is no more than 8 fold discount, then do not recommend the sea to buy Amoy, of course, if I like the same shoes into the crazy, then the price of God are clouds, it does not matter.