European and American actress shopping preferred single product TOMS canvas shoes

When wearing cheap TOMS canvas shoes as feet into heaven, super invincible comfortable, comfortable to you do not want to wear other shoes, the whole body pressure no time! Upper shoes are cotton, soft and tough; soft leather insole, non-slip soles. Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba are the faithful Fans of the brand canvas shoes. Whether it is with trousers Ye Hao, skirt Ye Hao, are very beautiful and charming. If it is travel or shopping, are the preferred single product.

Toms Canvas shoes is the famous American casual shoes brand, loved by European and American stars. cheap Toms canvas shoes to promote comfort first, the use of cotton cloth, canvas and other environmentally friendly materials to make the upper, with durable soft leather insoles, so that shoes light, comfortable, durable. Toms Canvas shoes shape and the French favorite canvas with slippers (French espadrilles) much like.

Toms Canvas is the founder of Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from the United States. In 2006, Blake Mycoskie traveled to Argentina, where he found many locals, especially children, who needed to walk miles away to find clean water or school, but without shoes to protect their feet, and many people were suffering from skin diseases. Blake Mycoskie decided to help them, and intends to raise funds through commercial means to make this charity project more durable.

After returning to the United States, Blake Mycoskie founded Toms canvas shoes in Santa Monica, Calif., “TOM” three letters from the word “Tomorrow”. To the Argentine local traditional shoes “Alpargata” as the inspiration for the design of shoes, and promised to sell a pair of Toms Shoes shoes, the company will donate a pair of children to the world needs to wear shoes! This is known as “One for One” activities since 2006 has been donated more than 1 million pairs of shoes.

Toms canvas shoes in 2009 to become the United States hot shoes, put on Toms outlet uk canvas shoes that super invincible comfortable, comfortable to do not want to wear other shoes feel, so that your whole body pressure no! Toms outlet uk Canvas shoes are full of cotton, soft and tough; soft leather insole, non-slip soles. Sienna Miller, Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightley, Isabel Lucas have been photographed to be photographed by Toms outlet uk Canvas shoes.