A pair of cloth shoes earned 500 million fire all over Hollywood only one day

Simple appearance, simple style, comfortable cotton and flat children, how to look like a grandfather to wear the “old man cheap shoes”, reveals a trace of child cordial. Yes, this is the footwear brand from the United States Tom cheap shoes, although looks very inconspicuous, but with a simple easy to take the style and super comfortable wearing feelings continue to jump red, by many stars and dress up people sought after.

Just just a pair of simple, ordinary cheap shoes only, then why can it be popular in Hollywood? But also to earn 500 million, we come together to explore the story of Tom cloth shoes burst red behind.

Tom cloth shoes created by charity brand

Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom Shoes, is a designer from the United States. Once, he traveled in Argentina, see a lot of children in the case of no shoes to wear, every day but a few feet of barefare classes, looking for water and food, a long time will be infected with the disease. It made Blake Mycoskie very sad, so he decided to give them help, and intends to raise funds through commercial means to make this charity project more durable.

After returning to the United States, Blake Mycoskie founded the TOMS Shoes in Santa Monica, California, and the “TOM” three letters are taken from the word “Tomorrow”. (TOMS Shoes) with soft cotton cloth, canvas, corduroy and soft leather insoles, non-slip soles, to create a comfortable, lightweight shoes, the traditional local shoes “Alpargata” style, In this way, the cheap shoes born for charity were born.

At the beginning of the creation, he proposed a sales model called “One Of One”, that is, every sold a pair of cheap shoes, Tom cloth shoes will donate a pair of cheap shoes to poor children. This is known as “One for One” activities since 2006 has been donated more than 1 million pairs of shoes.

Of course, not only is to provide free cheap shoes to poor children, Tom cloth shoes for the local to provide more than 700 jobs, popular with local enterprises, the government, the people welcome. After that, the origin of Tom’s cheap shoes from the initial China gradually extended to Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, six countries.

Only one day, hot Hollywood

In fact, the beginning of the sale of the time, Tom cloth shoes outlet is simply not sold, because selling a pair, send a pair of sales model is definitely losing money, no manufacturers are willing to do so. But it was not long before that the charity and business model, which attracted the attention of the Los Angeles Times in the United States, put the story of Tom’s shoes on the front page of the newspaper and quickly became popular with 2200 pairs of shoes outlet Order.

Donated more than 50 million pairs of shoes for more than 70 countries

Today’s Tom shoes have been hailed as “the shoes of tomorrow”, do a lot of good things, because it is more than 70 countries around the world donated shoes to 50 million pairs of children, so many children who have no shoes to wear Have a happy and complete childhood. See here believe that sitting in front of the screen you must have such a confusion: Tom shoes in this business model to sell shoes will not be a loss? The answer is no, because according to the latest financial report shows that Tom cloth shoes made an annual income of 500 million US dollars results.

But Blake Mycoskie, founder of Tom’s shoes, said he had never thought of making money from beginning to end, but the initial idea was to help the poor children in Argentina. He said: Tom cloth shoes outlet do not rely on the ideal shoe started, in fact, because the world there are a lot of people can not wear shoes and gave birth toms.

A good business model must be a recyclable pattern, not a robbery model. From this point of view, Tom cloth shoes outlet not only do the profit side of the charity, but also to consumers with a sense of participation, pride, as part of charity action.

As long as the business can be open and transparent so that consumers understand the donation, or like Tom shoes, like to invite consumers to go to Africa to participate in volunteer activities, then not only can solve this problem, but also further improve the product image, the brand into a virtuous development cycle