TOMS replica shoes Shenzhen first shop Luohu KKMall opened

Recently, from the United States footwear brand Tom TOMS in Shenzhen Luohu KKMall (related dry goods) store opened, according to win business network to understand that this is TOMS in Pengcheng Shenzhen’s first store, but also its second store in southern China , Another shop is located in Guangzhou is good square. This time, TOMS first came to Shenzhen, can be described as TOMS fans of the big benefits, like the TOMS tide of the influx of women no longer have to go to Hong Kong Taobu specifically.

In TOMS Shenzhen KKMall store, entry will be seen “we strive to help people to improve their lives,” the words of the bilingual Chinese and English slogans, beautiful flowers, attentive service, all kinds of the latest men and women replica shoes, People ‘s donation story, everywhere.

At present, Tom TOMS replica shoes have been in China’s Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Jiangsu provinces and cities opened 13 stores, the 13 stores are mostly located in the well-known shopping centers, such as Beijing’s Sanlitun, Fusi Shopping Center, Chengdu IFS International Financial Center, Shenyang Hang Lung Plaza, Masanori Plaza, Hangzhou Intime Department Store.

With charity marketing quickly jump red to the core of the faith can not be copied

Since its inception in 2006, TOMS with simple and easy to take the style and super comfortable wearing feelings and quickly jump red, world-renowned. To be so quickly called fame, which TOMS own marketing and positioning has a great relationship.

From the marketing point of view, TOMS was established at the beginning, they uphold One for One “brand concept, sell a pair of replica shoes, to donate a pair of replica shoes. Later also developed the sale of glasses project, with the same idea, selling a pair of glasses to help behind National vision for people with disabilities, to provide free medical services.

In March 2014, the TOMS, which never lacked charity ideas, announced the opening of a coffee shop that sold 140 liters of clean drinking water (equivalent to one person’s drink per week) for every bag of TOMS coffee beans Out of a cup of coffee, to donate a day of drinking water, to those who use coffee beans origin.

From the positioning that TOMS go is a different brand can not copy the road, a brand, from the beginning of the establishment is not even a product as the center, but to the core of faith, the product is only her practice this belief necessary goods The But also because of this, TOMS can sell glasses, sell shoes, sell coffee, if one day he began to sell home appliances, and perhaps no one would feel any strange, it may be faith to create the value and miracle.

About Tom TOMS

In 2006, in a small village in Argentina, TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie became friends with a group of local children. Then he found that the replica shoes were scarce and the children’s feet were not protected. Whereby TOMS was formally created, from Tomorrow’s Shoes.

TOMS is committed to helping people improve their lives, tap global needs, and create products to solve their needs. Because of this concept, TOMS is not just a company, but also a commitment to charity movement, constantly changing. Has been in more than 60 countries around the world to provide services for the global children sent 10,000,000 pairs of replica shoes.